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Case Study: Major Pipeline Operator Uses Pipeline Chemical Solutions

Case Study: Major Pipeline Operator Uses Pipeline Chemical Solutions

The National Pipeline Company embarked on an ambitious project to purchase and rehabilitate an aging pipeline system consisting of three distinct sections with a total length of approximately 68.5 miles, spanning various locations in Texas.

Given the pipeline's age and anticipated complications, a strategic approach emphasizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental safety was paramount. Partnering with PFS Nitrogen Services, a subsidiary of N2 Solutions, the project aimed to incorporate advanced chemical cleaning methodologies and hydrostatic testing to address potential leaks without environmental harm.

Project Overview


National Pipeline Company

Line Details:

  • Section 1: Beaumont, TX - 16” x 38.5 miles
  • Section 2: Mt Belview, TX - 8” x 28.5 miles
  • Section 3: Daisetta, TX - 8” x 1.5 miles

The acquisition of this pipeline from another national entity necessitated comprehensive hydrostatic testing across all sections to evaluate the pipeline's condition thoroughly.


The primary challenge was the age and unknown condition of the pipeline sections. The operator anticipated failures during the hydrostatic testing process and aimed to minimize environmental impact and operational delays associated with leak detection and cleaning.


To implement a cleaning and testing strategy that minimizes environmental impact, ensures pipeline integrity, and adheres to cost and efficiency objectives. This involves detailed chemical cleaning and a pipe freeze contingency plan to mitigate time loss during leak detection.

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Solutions Deployed

  1. PIPECLEAN 9000 Usage:

    • Chemical Description: A concentrated blend of surfactants, dispersants, wetting agents, and other chemicals designed to remove various contaminants effectively.

    • Application: Utilized in all three sections for offline cleaning before hydro testing, the product was mixed with water on the fly to prevent pre-blending issues.

    • Implementation: Involved multiple wash and rinse pig runs using PIPECLEAN 9000, with a specific emphasis on not mixing the cleaner with water beforehand to enhance efficiency.

  2. PFS Nitrogen Services:

    • Service Description: A comprehensive nitrogen service solution aimed at providing a pipe freeze contingency plan to rapidly locate leaks without the need to dewater the pipeline sections, thereby saving significant time and resources.

    • Scope: Included pre-cleaning contingency and pipe freeze plans across all three sections to ensure swift and effective leak detection.


The implementation of this comprehensive strategy aimed at rejuvenating an aging pipeline system underscores the National Pipeline Company's commitment to operational excellence, environmental stewardship, and cost management. By leveraging specialized chemical solutions and engineering designs, the project anticipates not only to extend the pipeline's life but also to set new industry standards for similar rehabilitation projects.

  1. Environmental Impact:

    • The use of PIPECLEAN 9000 ensured that any leaked water during pressure testing was clean, significantly reducing the risk of environmental contamination and the associated cleanup costs.

  2. Operational Efficiency:

    • The chemical cleaning and nitrogen services implemented allowed for a more streamlined leak detection process, mitigating the need for extensive dewatering and re-watering, thus accelerating the overall testing and maintenance timeline.

  3. Cost Savings:

    • Significant savings were realized in terms of potential environmental cleanup costs and the logistics involved in water hauling, filtration, and disposal.

    • The pipe freezing technique offered by PFS Nitrogen Services further economized the process by enabling quicker leak detection, thereby reducing labor and operational costs.


The collaboration between National Pipeline Company, Pipeline Chemical Solutions, and PFS Nitrogen Services showcased a strategic approach to managing and maintaining aging pipeline infrastructure. By leveraging advanced chemical solutions and innovative nitrogen services, the project successfully minimized environmental impact, enhanced operational efficiency, and achieved considerable cost savings. This case study exemplifies how combining innovative chemical solutions with meticulous planning and engineering can overcome the challenges associated with maintaining aging pipeline systems, ensuring reliability and safety for years to come.

Why Choose N2 Solutions?

As part of our expansion, the capabilities of N2 Solutions and PFS Nitrogen Services have grown significantly. Our team is now equipped to serve our clients from four strategically located facilities: Highlands, TX, Broussard, LA, Petal, MS, and Mercer, PA. This expansion allows us to better meet your needs and provide even more comprehensive services and inventory.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Project planning

  • Pig selection

  • Engineering calculations

  • Pig tracking

  • Nitrogen pumping and execution

  • Pipeline Chemical Solutions

  • Pipe freezing services

  • Pipeline de-inventory

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*At N2 Solutions and PFS, we do not offer cleaning services, but we are proud of our national network of service providers and construction contractors that can provide turnkey cleaning services with our PCS chemicals. Chemicals are approved with almost all major pipelines.

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About N2 Solutions

N2 -(300 x 150) (3)N2 Solutions strengthens their position as a nitrogen services leader with the acquisition of PFS Nitrogen Services, expanding its locations and product offerings. With pump trucks, nitrogen transports, pipeline chemical solutions, pig tracking, and pipe freeze technology, N2 delivers cost-effective solutions to energy, industrial, chemical, and pipeline clients. Together, N2 Solutions and PFS set a new standard of excellence in nitrogen solutions for their customers.

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