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Experience the unparalleled expertise of N2 Solutions, a premier provider of nitrogen services, as we present a testament to our proficiency in the meticulous de-inventory of an 18" pipeline spanning 13.4 miles. In collaboration with PFS Nitrogen Services, a division of N2 Solutions, our team spearheaded the seamless execution of a critical project for a major pipeline company across Alabama and Georgia.

Through meticulous planning and precise execution, we navigated challenges and delivered outstanding results, setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in nitrogen services. Discover why N2 Solutions stands as the preferred choice for complex projects, offering expanded capabilities and strategic locations to meet your evolving needs.

18"​ Pipeline De-inventory

13.4 Mile 18” Pipeline De-inventory

PFS Nitrogen Services, a division of N2 Solutions, offered comprehensive project management, pipeline pigging, precise pig selection, efficient pig tracking, and expert nitrogen field services to facilitate the successful de-inventory of product for a major pipeline company during the relocation and tie-in process of a creek crossing.

Location: Alabama & Georgia

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Pipeline Specifications

Size: 18”

WT: 0.375

Total Pipeline Length: 46.3 Miles (13.4 Mile de-inventory)

Service: Diesel


A major pipeline company who operates a 46.3-mile liquid service pipeline requiring to de-inventory the product from a 13.4 mile segment to complete a tie in of a relocated creek crossing.

Scope of Work

PFS's pipeline pigging SME met with the client onsite to visit the sites, learn if there were any challenges needing to be addressed and to assist with composing the nitrogen displacement plan.

The plan included launching two pigs in product at a predetermined distance apart. The two pigs were then pushed with diesel and tracked until the first pig passed the M.P. 8.3 MLV in which at that time the line was shut down and the MLV was isolated. The 13.4-mile nitrogen displacement was performed utilizing the first pig to de-inventory and purge the line of product up to M.P. 21.7 MLV in which it was isolated upon the first pig passing and the nitrogen was evacuated from the line until it was at atmospheric pressure. The tie-in welds were completed. M.P. 8.3 MLV was opened, the product flow was restarted, and the second pig was pushed in product as the air was vented to a frac tank located at M.P. 21.7 MLV. Upon refilling the 13.4-mile segment with product, M.P. 21.7 MLV was opened to allow both pigs to be pushed and received at the receiver 24.6 miles further down the line.

There were several challenges to address.

These challenges included:

  • The nitrogen injection site required substantial board road and a temporary creek crossing to be built in preparation for the setup of the nitrogen pump and liquid storage equipment.

  • The total time allotted, from line shut down through line refill (after tie-in activities) was 30 hours.

  • Pigging would be completed from lowest to highest elevation and there was 772' of elevation.

  • Ensuring that each pig passage was properly identified and communicated to make sure line stoppage and isolation's were made at the right times.

  • Being a scheduled shutdown, simultaneously craft operations within very limited space was planned during the displacement.

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The PFS Execution Plan

  • Pertinent pipeline and project information

  • Pipeline and pig selection specifications

  • AGM coordinates, stations, mile post, estimated bbl count, expected pig pass and verified pig pass times

  • Detailed equipment and material list

  • Communication plan

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Pre-job meeting with all parties involved

  • Identify safety concerns and potential hazards

  • Detailed work scope including verification initials and major hold points prior to proceeding

  • Google earth map including pipeline route, launch, receive and AGM locations.


  • Successful pig selection and project management

  • Successfully launched, tracked, strategically placed pigs at locations required to complete the isolation's, completely de-inventory product from 13.4-mile segment and received both pigs

  • Successfully executed simultaneous operations to complete work as planned without any health, safety or environmental impact

  • Successfully completed project quicker than planned and on budget without any personnel or equipment deficiencies

  • Complete shutdown of product flow was only 18 hours instead of scheduled the 30 hours

Why Choose N2 Solutions?

As part of our expansion, the capabilities of N2 Solutions and PFS Nitrogen Services have expanded significantly. We are now equipped to serve our clients from four strategically located facilities: Highlands, TX, Broussard, LA, Petal, MS, and Mercer, PA. This expansion allows us to better meet your needs and provide even more comprehensive services.

This expansion allows us to better meet your needs and provide even more comprehensive services and inventory. We specialize in liquid pipeline displacements and excel in simplifying this scope of work for our partners.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Project planning

  • Pig selection

  • Engineering calculations

  • Pig tracking

  • Nitrogen pumping and execution

  • Pipe freezing services

Click the link below to contact us!

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About N2 Solutions

N2 -(300 x 150) (3)N2 Solutions strengthens their position as a nitrogen services leader with the acquisition of PFS Nitrogen Services, expanding its locations and product offerings. With pump trucks, nitrogen transports, pipeline chemical solutions, pig tracking, and pipe freeze technology, N2 delivers cost-effective solutions to energy, industrial, chemical, and pipeline clients. Together, N2 Solutions and PFS set a new standard of excellence in nitrogen solutions for their customers.



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