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Case Study: Pipe Freeze Operation in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Case Study: Pipe Freeze Operation in Southwestern Pennsylvania


PFS Nitrogen Services, the sister company of N2 Solutions, specializes in nitrogen-propelled pigging and pipe freeze isolations. This case study outlines a successful project undertaken for a major contractor in the region, aimed at repairing a leak in an electrical distribution line with minimal disruption to power supply.



Pipeline Specifications

Line Owner: A Southwestern Pennsylvania Power Company

Line Size: 10.750” O.D.

Product: Dielectric Fluid 100 (DF-100)

Freeze Point: -184F


A prominent contractor contacted PFS Nitrogen Services to assist in pipe freeze isolations for one of the largest electricity suppliers in the area. The task was to identify and repair a leak in an electrical distribution line containing Dielectric Fluid, aiming to achieve this with minimal power disruption.

Scope of Work

PFS was tasked with achieving the required freezes within 24 hours. The objective was to maintain the freeze at a temperature of -184°F for another 24 hours and then hold the freeze continuously for five days, as confirmed by the Distribution Line Company (DLC). The frozen pipe, containing Dielectric Fluid, was part of an electrical distribution system.

The Execution Plan

The execution plan for this project included several critical elements:

  • Pipeline Details: Detailed information about the pipeline specifications and contents.
  • Scope of Work: Comprehensive outline of the tasks and objectives.
  • Deliverables: Clearly defined project deliverables and timelines.
  • Safety: Rigorous safety protocols and measures.
  • Setup: Specifics on the equipment and procedures for the freeze initiation.
  • Procedure: Step-by-step guide for executing the freeze and subsequent operations.
  • Site Pictures: Visual documentation of the site and process.
Pipe Freeze Operation in Southwestern Pennsylvania 1Pipe Freeze Operation in Southwestern Pennsylvania 3Pipe Freeze Operation in Southwestern Pennsylvania 4



PFS achieved a successful freeze that was maintained for five days. This accomplishment allowed the electricity company to minimize customer power outages and target only the damaged section of the pipe for repair. The isolation process involved freezing dielectric fluid with a freeze point of -184°F in a 10" diameter pipe containing electrical cables.

A detailed plan was developed, reviewed, and approved, enabling the successful execution of two simultaneous freezes maintained for over 48 hours. This allowed the contractor to perform necessary upgrades to the piping and electrical system without any service interruptions. PFS has since completed several similar pipe freeze isolations for the same client.

Why Choose PFS?

As an N2 Solutions Company, PFS is dedicated to providing top-notch personnel, cutting-edge equipment, and efficient pigging systems to meet all your nitrogen-propelled pigging needs, regardless of size or complexity.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Project planning
  • Pig selection
  • Engineering calculations
  • Pig tracking
  • Nitrogen pumping and execution
  • Pipeline cleaning

Whether it involves offline mechanical cleaning, decommissioning, de-inventory, smart pigging, gauge plate runs, inerting, purging, or abandonment, PFS has the expertise and experience to handle it all.

Ready to kick off your next project? Request a quote today and begin your journey with PFS Nitrogen Services!

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About N2 Solutions

N2 -(300 x 150) (3)N2 Solutions strengthens their position as a nitrogen services leader with the acquisition of PFS Nitrogen Services, expanding its locations and product offerings. With pump trucks, nitrogen transports, pipeline chemical solutions, pig tracking, ILI tool runs, and pipe freeze technology, N2 delivers cost-effective solutions to energy, industrial, chemical, and pipeline clients. Together, N2 Solutions and PFS set a new standard of excellence in nitrogen solutions for their customers.

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